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As well as some odd graphics that can be freely copied (click on any of the images above to open a larger image in a separate window), below are links to some of the most memorable places I spent time at when I was living in LA. Forgive any lapses in style, these pages are copied from my original site in 1997. Many thanks to the friends who shared these places with me.

Afton Canyon
A wonderful place to lose yourself for a while. The scale of this canyon is small compared to the best known canyons, but this works in its favour as it encourages exploration. Almost invariably this is rewarded: weird and colourful rock formations, veins of jasper, box canyons, old graves and mines, burro, insect migrations, trains roaring through the canyon at dusk, and I could go on. Spend the night if you can.

La Jolla Canyon
Sounds similar to Afton Canyon, but this canyon is quite different. Situated on the coast north of Los Angeles this walk is as close to year round walk as you get in this neck of the woods. I highly recommend allowing for an extra hour of lying around when you get to the valley.

Rainbow Basin
Out to the desert again for this one. Easily accesible from Barstow and amazing even if you don't want to get out of the car (allow one hour). Wicked rock formations.